14 Day Spending Freeze: Day Three

You know what’s been nice about this challenge so far? Besides saving money I would have spent on dining out for lunch, I mean. It’s forced me to cut out meat, which costs a ton of moolah even when it’s on sale. Of course, it’s easy to say this when I’m still eating the veggie quinoa chili I made on Sunday night!

I’m not gonna lie, all this extra veg and bean consumption made me pretty gassy at first (sorry for the TMI), but it really didn’t take long for me to get used to the additional fiber and I’m actually feeling pretty good right now. While the vegetarian lifestyle isn’t for me, it also doesn’t hurt to cut way down on meat in general. My arteries are probably sighing in relief.

My latte longing has not lessened in a substantial way and I’m starting to think they’ll have to either become a line item in my budget or I’ll really have to buy that Nespresso. I wonder if there’s a rehab center for latte addicts?

The hardest part about not spending any money is walking past all the places where I like to dine and while I’m not quite a spendthrift in terms of stuff, I do like to wander the local shops and admire the pretty things. I have a harder time saying no to beauty products. So now I don’t go anywhere that tempts my wallet. It’s less of an issue when I’m busy working because I’m so busy running from one office to the other that I don’t really have the time to roam the shops anymore.

I’m slightly terrified about the coming weekend though because I won’t have work to distract me. In my head, I think, ‘Now I have time to put up that elfa closet I’ve been putting off for a year’ but I know I won’t want to do it when the weekend rolls around. That’s work, dammit, and I donwanna work!

I’m screwed, right?

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