14 Day Spending Freeze: Day Two

This is harder than I thought. Even though I like my veggie quinoa chili, I keep longing for a plate of nasi lemak from my favorite Malaysian restaurant or dim sum. Or pizza. Steamed lobster is sounding pretty good too.

I pretty much just want all the food but don’t want to cook any of it. 

It’s probably good that I’m home sick because otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this blog entry; I would be making a food pilgrimage all across NYC right now. Instead, I put my chili into my Crock Pot Lunch Warmer and snuggled back into bed while it heated through. 

I’ve already used my $25 weekly grocery allotment at Fairway. Do you know how hard it is to find a 16-oz container of plain yogurt?? I’ve only seen those giant 32-oz tubs and I simply do not need that much; I just wanted it for the South Indian food I’m planning to make as well as for topping my chili.

Two days down, twelve to go…

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