14 Day Spending Freeze

I’m on a self-induced spending freeze for the next two weeks. A few friends are also participating and we’ve made it into a challenge to see who can spend the least outside our necessary spending. The rules are pretty basic:

  • pay all your bills (rent, mortgage, insurance, utilities, phone, credit cards, etc.), but little luxuries like Starbucks, lip gloss from the drugstore, those cute shoes in the shop window, etc. are all out the window;
  • no restaurant meals;
  • prep meals using as much of your pantry and fridge goods as you can;
  • grocery budget of $25 per person per week for perishables;
  • buying gas for your car is okay but try to make each tank of gas last longer than usual
  • any medical needs (inhalers, Advil, insulin, blood pressure meds, etc.) are considered a necessity

Hold me, readers, I’m scared.

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