Osaka Japanese Restaurant

The food is tasty, well-made, and fresh. Love! Delivery arrives in a timely fashion. The one time I ate in, the staff were very attentive (but not up my butt) and pleasant. I’ve also ordered food to take out with the same pleasant service. Absolutely no complaints about the food or in-person service.


Spicy scallop, spicy crunchy shrimp, spicy crab rolls.

So why did I give Osaka three stars? Because their delivery guy is an a$$.

My office is on the fourth floor of the building and unfortunately, there is no public elevator. It sucks, I know, but that’s how my employer rolls. We also have a security guard who mans the entrance to the gated parking lot; access is granted only to those who have the proper hang tags or ID but they usually allow delivery people in without a problem.

The first time the older Osaka delivery guy came to my office, he was apparently denied access to our property. Why, I don’t know since no other delivery person has ever reported an issue with our security people before but maybe there’s a new rule I don’t know about. Anyway, he came up to my office and lectured me about the security guards. Lectured, not informed. Still, I apologized and gave him an extra tip on top of what I’d included in my Seamless order.

I ordered from Osaka tonight and Lecture Guy lectured me AGAIN, this time about the lack of elevator, that I didn’t answer my phone when he called, and complained that his knee hurt from schlepping up four flights of stairs. Then he told me I have to meet him in the lobby from now on. Umm, how about NO? If I wanted to go get my food, I would have gone to the restaurant!

Dude, you don’t get to scold me as if *I* did something wrong, and I’m sure as hell not going to reward your bad attitude with an additional cash tip. Fool me once and all that jazz. I didn’t ask for a side of obnoxious a$$hole and whining to go with my sushi.

I won’t be ordering delivery from here again. Great food but worst delivery ever.


224-23 Union Tpke
Oakland Gardens, NY 11364

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