Andy’s Seafood and Grill

My friend Yvo, also known as the Feisty Foodie, mentioned Andy’s Seafood and Grill to me a couple of times in the past.  I’d always understood Andy’s to be a Taiwanese restaurant, and I am not a fan of Taiwanese cuisine. So when she suggested a food outing to Andy’s with TC and C at New Fork City, I was game to try a new-to-me restaurant but was not overly enthusiastic about the Taiwanese part.

I took a quick peek at the online menu and was surprised to see that Szechuan cooking (typically fraught with spicy dishes) was very well-represented.  I guess Andy’s Seafood and Grill isn’t strictly Taiwanese. Who knew?

We left it up to Yvo to pick out our dishes since she seemed a little more familiar with Andy’s menu than the rest of us. And what choices she made!

Braised pork belly over rice with pickled mustard greens

Taiwanese Hamburgers

C heard about Andy’s Chunk Chicken with Basil and wanted to try it:

Chunk chicken with basil

The chunk chicken with basil reminded me of my mom’s red-cooked chicken, so full of flavor.  It was ever-so-slightly dry but the delicious sauce more than made up for it. Good call, C!

Szechuan cold noodles

These cold noodles are similar to the kind my parents make during the summer.  Rich with peanut butter and sesame oil, this is the sort of dish I turn to when I want something light but filling and extremely adaptable.

Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup

I was really impressed by this dish. Toothsome noodles, well-seasoned, mildly spicy soup, and while the beef wasn’t fork-tender, it was nicely seasoned and tasty. To be honest, I would have been pretty happy with just the noodles and soup.

I forgot to take a photo of our Szechuan dumplings in red chili oil, which were good but no different from the kind I get in the freezer section of my local Chinese grocery store.

Our entire meal came out to just under $39 (not including tip) for six dishes! Not too bad, eh?

Andy’s Seafood and Grill
95-26 Queens Blvd
Rego Park, NY 11274

P.S. Andy’s also does online ordering for delivery and pickup!

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