Girls’ Weekend in Lake Placid, NY

So what do three food-loving women do on a long weekend in a cabin by the lake? Duh. We cook!

But first we forget things at J’s house (like keys to the cabin, booze, and food) and go back three times to get those things. 😀 Maybe if we hadn’t all left our brains at the bottom of our wine glasses the night before…

Did I forget to mention that these are my invisible message board friends? (Yes yes, I know its silly to keep saying invisible friends but it amuses me!) For some reason, I wasn’t concerned about them being psychotic killers who wanted to wear my skin until we pulled into the “driveway” of the lake house. As I drove into what looked like a thicket, I had a moment of panic and regretted having moisturized my skin well that morning. Where the hell was I going? I wondered.

But obviously I am fine. And my belly is full of good eatin’. J made a Greek-inspired layer dip for lunch:


Yes, that is a large container of Tums; it symbolizes the beginning of our weekend of gluttony and debauchery!

J also made her boeuf bourguignon:


Sweet golden cow of Moses, the entire cabin smelled amazing! I don’t know how that gorgeous aroma didn’t attract any bears and wolves.

You know, I totally meant that lightheartedly but now I’m wondering if there are bears around here! *gulp*

J was a little self-conscious about the meat being slightly dry but honestly, I think that just speaks to the cut of meat and not at all to her technique or skills because it really tasted wonderful.

C brought a selection of pastries from Villa Italia and we had chocolate-covered cannoli for dessert:


We may have consumed some more wine (a lovely Côté du Rhône) as well as other libations. C, knowing I have a thing for lavender, was super thoughtful and got me a can of lavender lemon drop cocktail. I somehow missed the fact that it contains vodka and thought it was a soda. 😀


This was actually pretty refreshing. It’s not so lavender-y that it tastes like someone’s grandma but has enough of a floral undertone that makes it really enjoyable. I don’t know how much vodka was actually in this but probably not a whole lot. I’d totally buy it again.

I declare day one of girls’ weekend of gluttony and debauchery a success.

4 thoughts on “Girls’ Weekend in Lake Placid, NY

    • I adore cannoli, especially when it’s covered in chocolate! The shell was crisp and the filling was very creamy with mini-chocolate chips. There wasn’t any of that chalkiness or graininess that sometimes happens when the sugar hasn’t been blended into the mascarpone cheese properly. So nice!

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