Girls’ Weekend in Lake Placid

I am not at all a morning person. If it weren’t so excruciating to watch me stumbling blearily around the house and moving slower than ants stampeding uphill through molasses, it would be pretty comical; I simply cannot make sense of life when I get up in the morning, let alone cook a proper breakfast. So just imagine how awesome it was to wake up to the smells of French toast, country sausage, and peach compote all being cooked by someone else. 🙂


J gave C’s breakfast an enthusiastically ghetto yet punny “Challaaaaaa!” You know, like “Hollaaa!” 😀

I have to concur. Custardy on the inside and crisp yet soft on the outside, it’s just the way I like French toast. With peach compote spooned over and blueberry syrup as the pièce de résistance, I think we really hit the jackpot.

We had plans to have lunch with yet another invisible friend, L, at the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery:


While L seemed to like her grilled chicken Caesar salad (it’s gluten-free, by the way) and J her black bean cheeseburger, C and I felt our dishes were over-salted. My jambalaya made up for its saltiness with its numerous shrimp and sliced tender juicy chicken breast. C felt her wrap was too strongly flavored and thought it was odd that a sandwich made with well-seasoned chicken breast and pesto (pine nuts, basil, garlic and olive oil) also included feta cheese. LOTS of feta. Not a good pairing, in my opinion.

Two hats, a pair of moose pajamas, two pairs of moose slippers, souvenir t-shirts and a package of dog treats later, we schlepped tiredly but happily back to the cabin where and J slapped together some appetizers to munch on the front porch overlooking the river:


In the meantime, C prepped ingredients for our multiple-course fondue dinner:


Wow, so simple yet full of lovely flavor and texture! My jaw may have dropped when C told us what was in the salad and dressing.

Fondue #1:


Everyone has different ideas of how a proper cheese fondue should taste. J likes the cheese sauce to have a strong wine presence while C prefers the opposite. I am somewhere in the middle; even though cheese fondue is typically wine-y, I find the strong boozy flavor to be distracting and overwhelming. For me, wine should take a back seat to the cheese and enhance the fondue, not take it over.

I liked the consistency of C’s cheese fondue: thick enough to coat the dipper but not so thick that it wouldn’t cost the food.

Fondue #2:



I’m not especially keen on lamb in general; it often tastes gamey to me unless it’s been seasoned beyond recognition. I enjoyed the two pieces of lamb I dipped into the citrusy and herby broth fondue. No matter how much I want to, I will probably never love lamb but it was really nice to be able to eat a little with enjoyment. I’m glad C didn’t do a dessert fondue because I ate so much, I just couldn’t eat another bite.

Day 2 was full of wonderful food and fun! Someday I will tell you about C and her ostrich impression. 😀

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