Jade Asian Seafood Restaurant

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about a meal while still eating it. First time for everything, right? And no worries about being rude to my dining companion while I type because I don’t have one. Unless you count the elderly pensioner sharing my table.

Please forgive the not-so-great pictures; I think the lens on my phone is kinda grubby.

Jade Asian Restaurant is a massive place. The first floor is a sea of tables, while the second floor is made up of dining rooms for private parties as well as regular dining.


Just taking a moment to express how delighted and impressed I am by the way the white dude at the next table, without prompting from his Chinese companion, is speaking Mandarin to the dim sum cart ladies, who are all very pleased and amused by his slow but excellent pronunciation. Chinese is a tough language to learn, so I give lots of props to Random Chinese-Speaking White Dude!

Anyway, one of the reasons I come to Jade Asian is for their half-price dim sum. There are limitations to this deal: it’s only good on weekdays, and no takeout or doggy-bagging allowed or else it reverts to full price. Some say this is wasteful but I feel it encourages diners to avoid ordering more than they can reasonably finish. The deal also only applies to their everyday dim sum; special dishes like clams in black bean sauce are always full price.

I also just really like their dim sum. The food turnover is quick and there is so much variety as well as creativity in some of their dishes, it’s difficult to choose which to eat! Like this:

This gives the phrase “egg cup” a whole new meaning. So cute! No idea how it’s made but it’s a savory steamed egg custard filled with a fish ball topped with shiitake mushroom and salmon roe.

Inside the egg cup:


I don’t care for the sauce it’s sitting in; it gelatinized in an unappealing manner while I’ve been tapping away on this entry.

Despite charming me with its novelty, it’s not something I’d order again because I have a feeling this is considered a special dim sum and it’s not tasty enough to me to pay whatever the full price is.

Here is my favorite har cheung, or shrimp in rice crepes:


Spicy braised chicken feet:


Siu mai (shrimp and pork dumplings):


Cha leung, or fried crullers wrapped In rice crepes:


Now on to what I don’t like about this place: the white damask tablecloths are worn out and have holes in them and are frayed. I’m not sure if they only break out the nice linens for the dinner service because it’s been years since I’ve eaten dinner here, but I know the shabby tablecloths are almost a staple during the dim sum/lunch hour.

One more reason I like this place: my dad likes it. Anyone who knows me in real life knows I’m kind of obnoxious about food, especially Chinese food. ‘Eat the good stuff or don’t bother’ is my unofficial motto. Dad’s is ‘Eat the best stuff or don’t bother.’ I learned at a young age that if Pop likes a place, it’s got to be good.

Oh, and my bill:

See where it says “Sp”? Just as I thought, the egg cups are considered special dim sum and don’t qualify for the half price deal.

Other reasons to come to Jade Asian Restaurant: there’s a huge municipal parking lot across the street, though if you come here on the weekend, you’ll have to run over old ladies and kids in strollers to get a parking spot because the lot fills up by 10:30 AM and stays that way all day. It can also be a challenge during the week but I’ve never spent more than five minutes circling the lot. Driving in downtown Flushing is an exercise in patience even on a good day, so if you can, take the bus or subway–much less stressful.

My verdict? Two chopsticks up for Jade Asian Restaurant!

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