I have a confession:  Despite the prevalence of little grape tomatoes in many of my bento meals, I don’t actually like tomatoes.  Not by themselves, anyway.  Got a sandwich?  Bring on the sliced tomatoes.  Pasta needs some sauce?  No problem, make some red sauce and toss it in.  But the thought of eating a plain raw chunk of tomato?  Shiver.  It has to be super duper sweet in-season organic grape tomatoes and even then, I always have to have something else with it to distract from whatever it is about tomatoes I don’t like.

What kills me is I know they’re really really good for you.  They’re full of vitamin A (a powerful antioxidant), good for eye health, and I can’t imagine a sandwich or burger without them.  I just can’t eat them plain.  What’s wrong with me??


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