Bento #9

Today’s bento is a simple one made up of Korean banchan (side dishes) I bought at an Asian market, and rice I made at home.  I sprinkled some kimchi furikake on the rice, and packed the container with cucumber salad, spicy dried squid, and seasoned fish cakes with carrots.

4 thoughts on “Bento #9

    • Yep, I purchased Korean banchan (side dishes) at an Asian market including the fish cakes. Seasoned fish cakes don’t seem too hard to make since the cakes are readily available in the refrigerated section of every Asian market. It’s then just a matter of tossing them in mild rice vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar, and a little MSG ( I personally would not use MSG but that’s up to individual taste).

  1. I’ll look up how to make them once I’m home 🙂 I’ve had them before and I really like them!
    I’ve got no idea whether I like MSG but just found out it’s some kind of chemical. So I probably won’t use it.

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