Bento #8

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that my bentos tend to have the same few elements in them.  Namely the ciliegine and grape tomato picks, cheddar stick, and baby carrots.  I carry these over from bento to bento because they’re easy and quick to pack.  I do have to start watching the dairy components because as much as I like cheese (oh boy, do I ever), it’s probably not all that healthy to eat so much of it in one sitting, especially since the ciliegine is made with whole milk.  Not so good for you but oh so tasty!

In this bento:  more capicola and Swiss on 100-calorie whole wheat flatbread; stick of Cheddar; baby carrots; mozz and grape tomatoes on little picks, a 1″ x 1″ square of homemade triple chocolate brownie with cocoa nibs; and seasoned spinach.  The cholesterol count in this one is kind of high.  😦  No more Cheddar sticks!

Bento 8

Bento 8

5 thoughts on “Bento #8

  1. This looks great! Could you tell me what you seasoned your spinach with? I usually put a little bit of bacongrease on it but that’s not that healthy. But I never know what else to put on it!

  2. Mmmmm, bacon grease! Love it, but you’re right, not so healthy. I actually bought the spinach prepared from the Japanese market I mentioned in Bento #7, and I’m pretty sure they used some MSG to season it. Korean markets around here also sell prepared foods.

    When I make seasoned veggies myself, I infuse a little of the oil by gently warming it (you want it a little warmer than body temp but NOT hot–sesame oil is very delicate) and tossing in a piece of ginger. Let that sit in the oil for a little while, maybe an hour. Longer if you want a stronger ginger flavor. (Store the oil in the fridge so it lasts longer.) Drizzle over the steamed spinach and toss to coat. Nut or olive oils would be amazing too!

  3. I like the tomato and mozz balls next to the spinach; it’s a lovely color combo. You are a cheese lover for sure! I could live on bread, cheese and wine. With salt cured meat. And ice cream & chocolate. Heh.

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