Bento #7

I don’t work far from the Lower East Side where a large number of Japanese grocery stores are clustered.  I knew I wasn’t in the mood to cook or do anything especially laborious for the next day’s bento, so I stopped in at Sunrise Mart to pick up some ready-made seasoned fish cakes, seasoned spinach, onigiri, and seasoned bean sprouts.  Remember how I told you in Bento #1 that bento meals can be made with anything?  This includes food prepared by someone else!

This bento box includes half a sandwich made with two slices of Canadian bacon, a slice of Swiss, and the merest wisp of Kewpie mayo; baby carrots, a mozzarella-cherry tomato pick, seasoned fish cakes, carrots, and spinach, and a salmon onigiri (rice ball stuffed with salmon and wrapped with nori).   The seasoned bean sprouts are under the fish cakes.  And yes, that is a sparkly red fork on the right.  One of my favorite professors said, “Every time I see you, you’re eating out of that yellow and pink box!”  It’s kinda true!

Canadian bacon and swiss on deli flat bread

bento 7 seasoned fish cakes

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