Stuff I Ate in California–Long Beach

BFF was excited about taking me to his new favorite local restaurant, At Last.  He was also a little concerned that it wasn’t high-falutin’ enough for me and I had to remind him that the previous night, I’d waxed ecstasy over a fast food burger.  Really, I’ll eat just about anywhere except Crapplebee’s.


At my request, we sat outside because, well, it was January and how often does a New Yorker get to eat outside in the middle of winter?

Because I’m a fiend for beets, I started with the beet salad: Photobucket


That white blob in the first picture was whole-milk ricotta.  BFF chose not to have a starter and shared mine instead.  Too bad, because I was looking forward to nomming on his appetizer!

His main course:  NY strip steak smothered in mushrooms with seasonal veggies.  This was SO good!

NY Strip

My main:


Holy crap, it was luscious and creamy, and the pasta was just toothsome enough to hold up to this velvety cheese sauce.  I did add the slightest bit of salt to my serving, which I rarely do.  But I’m not holding that against At Last; I prefer food to be a little under-seasoned rather than over-seasoned because salt and pepper can always be added but once in, it can’t be taken out of a dish.  I would definitely order this again.

BFF has so much self-control; he didn’t order a dessert but you know I did, ’cause guess what I saw on the menu???  Crème brûlée!  I finally got to break the brûlée on a crème brûlée during this trip out west!  (I just remembered that I did break one at Cafe Claude–sorta takes the wind out of my drama, eh?)

At Last Cafe, my love for you has come along!

A Last Cafe
204 Orange Ave and Second Street
Long Beach, CA 90802

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