Bento #5

I packed bento for my latest flight out to California, though I didn’t think it through:  I should have used a disposable takeout container instead of my normal bento box.  I guess the upside is I was being  environmentally friendly.  My lunch made the passengers next to me jealous!  I was messing around with the settings on my camera and took this pic in Miniature mode.


I filled the bottom half with sesame noodles topped with shrimp, roasted baby red bell pepper filled with hummus, and roasted Brussels sprouts (always a winner on a 5+ hour flight, eh?).


The top half was filled with cut up mango and a homemade brownie filled with crunchy little cacao nibs.  I froze the extra brownies for future snackage.


I really recommend packing bento for longer flights.  It saves money (as long as you don’t go out to buy ingredients especially to make an in-flight bento), you can eat what you like, and it’s nice to eat a meal that’s attractively packaged.

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