Chicken Broth and a Poll

I recently discovered the joy of grocery shopping online, and while it will never replace the tactile experience of actually shopping at my local markets I enjoy so much, it’s convenient for those times when I have neither time nor access to the car for big grocery trips.  But like conventional food shopping, one cannot online shop when hungry.  Oh, and one ought not shop late at night in a sleepy stupor.

That’s how I ended up with five pounds of chicken breast.  Now what??  I was pretty sure they’d been previously frozen, so I couldn’t freeze it again unless I cooked it first.

Resigned to a full week of chicken-based meals, I set about poaching four of the five pounds and roasting the remaining pound.  I’d saved the liquid from when I poached chicken for Crack and froze it.  I decided I was going to gently cook the breasts in this broth to concentrate the flavors and then I’d have both chicken meat and broth for chicken rice soup.

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