Japanese Spaghetti, or Karashi Mentaiko

There are several incontrovertible truths in this world.  One of them involves my love of pasta.  What can I say?  Noodles are one of the many contributions of my people.  Let’s not even get into my torrid love affair with rice.

Some time ago, I walked into the Japanese grocery store Sunrise Mart on 1oth Street and 3rd Avenue, and immediately felt a little lost because I can’t read Japanese.   Even if we alllooksame, we don’t all speaksame.  😀  I just started picking up products at random and was intrigued by this:


Cod roe and nori for spaghetti!  It’s kind of like those heat and serve meals you can get at Trader Joe’s (their Thai Panang Tuna is pretty damned good, btw) and requires a few ounces of cooked pasta.  I excitedly bought a package of this cod roe stuff and raced home to try it out.  For $3.99 for two servings, I had little to lose.


I sprinkled on some furikake that was already in my pantry.  Furikake is rice seasoning that usually includes dried seaweed, sesame seeds, and other ingredients, often some kind of dried fish.  In this case, there was dried shrimp and egg.

My verdict?  Hot pasta tossed with salty cod roe and furikake is delicious!  I’ve purchased this several times since I took these pictures and I’ve enjoyed every last bite.  Next time I’m adding a sunny side-up egg to give it a little more richness when the yolk breaks, sort of like a Japanese pasta carbonara.  I’ve also discovered it tastes amazing with just a wee pat of butter!

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