Roasted Veggies and a Bento

While I was making my mini-meat loaves, roasting away in the oven were tri-color potatoes, red and organic golden beets, and grape tomatoes, all tossed in olive oil, salt and pepper.

Photobucket(from l to r) Purple and golden beets; red, white & blue new potatoes; grape tomatoes


PhotobucketAn organic golden beet

All these colorful veggies went into my two bento boxes that went to school with me the next day and were meant to atone for the bacon on my meatloaf.

One of my biggest challenges is to pack enough food for the whole day because I am on campus for at least 45 hours a week (not including commute time!) while working part time on the weekends.  And because I live in NYC where I rely on public transportation more often than I do cars, I have to carry all of my day’s necessities with me all day long; I can’t just go home to grab something or leave stuff in the car, though I do occasionally drive to campus.  On an especially busy school day, my backpack easily weighs about 20 pounds without my food, which has to be carried in an insulated tote.  Imagine walking three miles a day with that load on your back!  I do have a large rolling backpack for this sort of thing but it doesn’t work out so well on snowy and icy days.

PhotobucketRoasted and sliced potatoes The green thing lining the bottom is from the tops of the golden beets.

PhotobucketThese are two-tiered bento boxes; the pink and yellow set holds 500 ml while the red and black one holds 600 ml, totaling about 1100 calories and leaving me an additional 700 calories to spend on breakfast, a snack, and maybe an occasional Starbucks beverage.

PhotobucketA closeup of the larger bento.  Look at those gorgeous beets!

PhotobucketThe roasted potatoes next to tomatoes nestled in a festive cupcake liner & sprinkled with crumbled feta.  I sliced the potatoes for easier eating.

PhotobucketMy food for a day: the stainless steel food jar was for my miso soup (in the foil packets in the center).

PhotobucketAnd it all went in this little insulated bag I got when I was in San Francisco.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to maintain this dedication to bento-ing for the whole semester and beyond.

What healthy foods do you pack for lunch?

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