Microwave Chocolate Cake

I won’t lie, I’m a big fat snob when it comes to baked goods and am very particular about chocolate cake.  I’d been craving it for ages but didn’t want to bake a whole cake and then have to eat the entire thing myself.  Not that I wouldn’t polish off a whole cake, mind you.

Just as I was about to bake a bunch of cupcakes (and freeze all the extras for future snacking,) I heard about a version made in a mug and cooked in the microwave from one of the forums I frequent and used the recipe provided.  I’d never made a cake in the microwave oven before and thought this was worth checking out.

Wow, talk about an experiment gone awry.  It was tough and flavorless.  I probably did it wrong, maybe I over-nuked  it or something, so tonight, I tried again using a recipe I found here.

I’m sorry, but REALLY??? HOW did this recipe get 4.5 out of 5 stars from 19 people??  I have to assume that all 19 of them do not have taste buds because this cake tasted like crap.  I even made sure to nuke it for two minutes and twenty seconds instead of the full three minutes the recipe specified and it was still leathery and flavorless.  I had to throw it away, it was so bad.  What a colossal waste of Callebaut cocoa!  The cake batter was pretty tasty though.

The moral of the story:  bake a whole cake (or cupcakes) from scratch using a regular oven; microwaved cakes are nasty.

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