Stuff I Ate in California–San Francisco, Day 2

There is a lot of food involved with San Francisco.  And rightly so.  Hidden among those monstrous mountains the locals refer to as hills lie some of the city’s finest secrets.  This was actually my third visit to this beautiful city by the bay and I was determined to eat as much as my gluttonous soul could hold.

Day Two

I woke up hungry.

Even after consuming massive amounts of food the previous day, and even after the way I lay in my bed like a beached whale after returning to my hotel room, I woke up hungry.  I know this is probably due to a moderate metabolism (although judging by the size of my tummy and bum, it’s definitely not fast enough), but can a person really burn off five million calories whilst sleeping??  Did I sleep-run a marathon or something? I wondered.

In any case, I thought about what I was going to eat first and then brightened up.  Remember those two crème brûlèes I bought on Day One?  Guess what I had for breakfast?

Chocolate peppermint

.COM (Cinnamon Orange Maple)

Unfortunately, the brûlée melted, but that’s no one’s fault but mine for not eating it right away.  I fully expected to fall in love with the chocolate peppermint because my love for chocolate borders on the unholy, but surprisingly, I didn’t.  It was creamy and tasty, but there wasn’t as much chocolate punch as I’d wanted, though the peppermint definitely made its presence known.

The .COM, on the other hand, was an unknown quantity.  I’m not a fan of maple; I don’t hate it, but I need a lot less of it than other people.  And I think people can be way too heavy-handed with cinnamon at times.   But I’m nothing if not adventurous when it comes to dessert, although I do admit it was with great trepidation that I dipped my spoon into the .COM.  As it turned out,  cinnamon + orange + maple + custard =  explosion of happy.   Talk about a dark horse!  Sighhhh.

While consuming this breakfast of champions, I looked at one of those slick looking “Best of [city you’re in]” guides that always seem to be in every hotel room I’ve ever stayed in and looked closely at their restaurant listings.  I paused at Café Claude and went online to look at their menu.  Holy… I wanted to try everything on their menu, it all sounded so wonderful!  I was sold!

Once there, I was dizzy with both anticipation and indecision.  Should I start with the soupe  à l’oignon or maybe indulge my love of beets and go with their salade du betterave?  Or maybe I should be more continental and order a pâté trio?  I was seriously tempted to order one thing from every course/category, but while I’m not really daunted by the thought of having a leisurely seven-course meal, I felt I should at least pretend to be not so greedy.

I started with a St. Germain cocktail.  Hey, it was five o’clock in New York!

This bread was so crusty and tender all at the same time.  You KNOW I used all that butter!

Beet salad: roasted beets, snow pea julienne, crumbled feta, pistou, and cherry tomatoes. SUBLIME!

Pan-seared salmon, fava bean stew, eggplant caviar, more pistou, and fried basil.  The salmon was slightly overdone but still very tasty

Regrettably, I did not have dessert.  I wish now that I’d indulged but at the time, I felt like I’d just spent more on this lunch than I’d spent on food the entire previous day.  I guess I shouldn’t have ordered that St. Germain but you know, the liver wants what it wants. 😉

Dinner was again spent at my friends’ home.  This was pretty much the plan for the rest of my visit, because believe it or not, my main reason for being in SF was not just to eat but also to see my friend, who is very ill and isn’t up to all-day visits from her friends.

You know, I’m not a praying kind of gal, but for her I pray every day.  I pray for a cure that takes away her illness and will allow her to watch her son grow up.  I pray for her to not be taken away from us, but sometimes I think the gods are hard of hearing.

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